April 18, 2012

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Exhibit Opening, 
August 16, 2012 

 Art House Co-Op, 
103 N. 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY, 
Williamsburg section
from 12 noon until midnight!

Below is my submission for the Art House Co-op's
self portrait collection.
click the projects tab for more info. 

They provided a tiny 4" x 4"x 1 1/2"
wrapped canvas that I will wrap this piece around.

Self Portrait, 2012,  4 x4 " fabric, thread. Kevan Lunney 
It's finished. See more at http://www.arthousecoop.com


Vickie said...

I love this self-portrait - what a creative approach!!!! You know - the Art House Co-op started in Atlanta - i was sad to see them leave - but they went on to bigger pastures I guess

Kevan Lunney said...

Thanks so much Vickie!
If you would like to see another one of my pieces and more art made of fabric, and thread, the International organization, Studio Art Quilters Associates is the sponsor of a show that has traveled for 2 years and is coming up in Atlanta!
"Art Meets Science" will be exhibited at the following venues:
--Global Health Odyssey Museum at the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia, June 11-September 5, 2012

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kevan, for sharing the photo and the artwork - your attention to minute detail shows! I can see why it took so many thread colors now...

Great glasses BTW!


Jane LaFazio said...

love this! I found your blog through Cynthia Morris.. (oh, and I see you have 'nested' comments! I haven't figured out how to do that!) great looking blog (and ART!) off to see more of your blog.

Kevan Lunney said...

what do you mean I have nested comments? I am still learning about the blog world.The class was very helpful. I made a notebook so that I can continue studying and asking people questions. I will check out your blog too!

Tisha Dolton said...

Oh, I love this. So very different from the embroidered portraits I do. Thanks for sharing your process.