July 28, 2018

Evaluating My Own Work

The process of evaluating my own work begins at the moment my idea arrives and continues with what is more commonly regarded as critique of composition.

This means that I am analyzing, not judging. Especially in the beginning of an idea I want to take care to invite all ideas and possibilities and not cramp myself with criticism.

Before anything has landed in a sketchbook my thoughts having been buzzing, sometimes for weeks connecting past to present experience. Then thoughts will zigzag between defining a concept I want to bring into physical form, techniques that I currently use or can potentially learn, and which materials will be instrumental in carrying the message. If a deadline is involved, I consider the time required to complete each idea. I also consider costs in terms of money and involvement. After all, not every idea is worth the investment. Not every idea is a good match to make for where I am now in my life.  Some ideas involve research or education to bring forth.

Once the work has taken form, there are two main junctures when I feel the need to pause for an in-depth critique.  The first is when I have finally created something and brought it into reality, and inevitably, it doesn’t quite meet the vision in my head.
The second is when it feels as though the work is nearing completion. Of course I am always making choices and tweaking along the way. 

I keep the following note on the design wall in my studio which guides the process. I will be exploring each in more detail in future posts.

June 24, 2018

Fiber Art at the International Art Scene; Armory, Volta, NADA shows, NYC, 2018

Fiber, textiles, weaving, beading and sewing techniques  continue to be more prevalent at the big art shows every year. Here is what I saw in 2018. 

Certainly he didn't want the binding to be this way! Oh how I wish I could have helped him out.

this is essentially a rag rug construction

retroreflective material on top of denim and vintage quilts

laying threads in the paper making process to create image

a powerful steel rod pushes into the center of a wood post. It groans and splinters and cracks. Man against nature. 

the new wood posts to the left, the snapped ones on the right.

the highlight for me- Rauschenberg was a fiber artist!

soft sculpture decor, no attribution given

seed beads


Look at the dimensions, this is a box capturing a dress in a web of thread.

sorry no attribution.

free motion machine embroidery on a substrate and independent of one

at the Volta show things were a bit more strange