June 20, 2013

A New Era for Textiles


Above is a video taken at an E textile conference about conductive thread technology. 
Basically the manufacturer is spinning stainless steel to create yarn. Stainless steel is conductive to electricity which is measured in OHMS per foot. 
Normally you want 0 resistance so you get lots of energy.
So the higher the Ohms, the more juice gets through the thread or wire as we usually think of it.
Resistance is bad.
for electrical stuff and marital relations and two year olds. 
Almost anything that can be done with common fibers can be made in a conductive form now. Thin thread, thick thread, braid, elastic, fabric , non woven, woven, and knit. 
 It is expensive and a bit hard to get in a form that has the smooth, non fraying qualities and ease of use by hand or sewing machine for the hobbyist but this video shows me that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what is out there for the big industry players. Maybe they will let us have samples or off runs.
It's exciting to think of ways that science and art will be bringing computer technology and smarts to our clothing, blankets, car and airplane seats, headbands, blood pressure cuffs.......lingerie? 
We have entered a new era for textiles!

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