July 15, 2012

Reflections, Shadows, and Atmosphere

Kevan Lunney speaking about Reflections 6 by Ginny Abrams 44 x 57"

Depicting what isn't there is the subject of several pieces from artists in Fiber Revolution.   In my recent gallery talk at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance in Narrowsburg, NY I pointed out that in Ginny Abrams work, Reflections 6 we see the reflection of the thing in the  water, not the thing itself. In Cindy Friedman's work, The Couple, we see  shadows of the subjects. The four panels can be arranged in numerous ways, each one giving a fresh meaning to the couple's journey together.

Cindy Friedman's, The Couple, each panel  20 x 15"

In Wen Redmond's piece , below right,  Shaking the Tree of Imagination, the image is integrated into layers of sheers and further fragmented by its division into 9 parts.
 Lisa Chipetine literally has our awareness forcefully trying to stare through  foggy  layers of complexity. Her work is titled Things That Make You Go OM. 

Please visit Fiber Revolution.com to see the work of
its 25 members, and visit the links above in blue to see clearer photos of the artists work.
These are all works in fabric, which are  layered and stitched, the true appreciation of which can only be understood in person.

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