October 2, 2013

New video!

A video promoting KevanArt is now available to view on my website. It came about because of a request to supply promotional materials to the Sculptural Object and Functional Art Fair (SOFA) in Chicago at the Navy Pier, October 31  through November 3, 2013, where I will be exhibiting with MEK Gallery.

My son, Christopher Lunney produced, filmed, edited and composed the music. He recently graduated from Parsons in NYC with a degree in Design Technology. Which means he loves to make and mix music, make and mix visuals for projection and create spectacles using these media for events, either to promote a company or to be the main attraction. It's visual and audible art.

Making the video was a completely new and exciting experience for me. I was in awe seeing a different creative process, of which the filming is only a small part. Surprisingly, the experience has made me more aware while viewing TV and movies even though I have been viewing them, well, forever!
I know that anyone who designs clothes or sews professionally can spot a snagged hem or stay stitched coat vent at 50 paces, so I can only imagine what video professionals may see in our production but I am extremely  proud, and not expecting any acting awards soon! I hope you enjoy it, and learn a little bit about what I do. Please leave a comment! Thanks!

 You can see it here on my  website. 

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