September 1, 2015

Ancient Papyri of Oxyrhyncus, New Inspirations in Fiber Art.

Archeology: Shared Wisdom is the title of my first solo show at Monmouth Museum, August 14 to September 13, 2015. Below, read about my inspiration and hear the original broadcast that caused me to question, what really matters?
Kevan Lunney Archeology: A Time to Rest, linen, paint, stitch, metal leaf

The archeology series of fiber art is inspired by a program I heard about the ancient rubbish mounds of Oxyrhyncus, Egypt. Its a very funny and entertaining program. The mounds were discovered by two graduate students, Grenfell and Hunt in 1896.  They contained one thousand years of trash buried thirty feet deep, in the sand, above the water table, and it was 2000 years old. Listen here,
The Greatest Hits of Ancient Garbage

You can read much more here about the exploration of the rubbish mounds, what does Oxyrhyncus mean? What was this society like? What do the discoveries look like?

And the most incredible thing is that YOU can help Oxford University and the Egypt Exploration Society of London transcribe these ancient bits of papyrus by being a Citizen Scientist! Watch this video. Seriously, YOU!

And then go here to participate in this project- Citizen Science

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