November 3, 2017

Remembering Loved Ones: Portraits Made From Clothing

Precious saved clothing. Seven garments were used in this portrait.

The reference photo.

The same tie dyed dress worn  in the photo and a white nightgown to be used to reference the white scalloped macrame hammock used at home.

pajamas used for the pillow

 The basic form of the figure is made, now it is cut out and applied to the background.

The extra pillow and background were eliminated,  the left hand position redone,  shadows and folds added.

I like the ethereal look but it needs some suggestion of grounding.

A leaf is used to lead the eye

A tiny strip is used for the hammock support which also adds direction.

A dark blue dress fabric scrap adds weight, stability, dimension and interest. This work was intended to be cropped 5 x 7" as seen below but I prefer the larger 8 x 10" version, seen here, for its mystery. I left the choice up to the client. 

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