March 13, 2012

Archeology work mentioned in Botswana news!

Well, the world just keeps getting smaller and more accessible.
 It's hard to believe that my son heads off to Berlin for study abroad this month and that he will have unfettered access to former East Berlin.( I remember my college buddy traveling there and witnessing the wall coming down in 1989. She brought me a piece.)  
It is equally hard to believe that my artwork has traveled to England, France and now several times to Africa. This article mentions one of my pieces! Archeology Fragment #5 . This was designed after the full page of the NY Times which has 5 columns, a space for the fold and 5 more columns. 28 x 28". Following is a detail.
Archeology Fragment #5, 2009, 28 x28" Kevan Lunney, 

Detail Archeology Fragment #5, Kevan Lunney
 Thanks to Cindy Friedman who is a member of Fiber Revolution with myself and 23 others, we all share this remarkable opportunity. Her husband runs an HIV/ AIDS clinic in Botswana with the University of PA. Her travels there have acquainted her with a lovely woman owned business , Kalahari Quilts. The article explains more about the connection and the current show there. Cindy has also arranged to have some of these Botswana- made quilts to travel with ours in the US. You can see pictures of the quilts and gallery at www.Fiber under Past Exhibits.

The full article-
an excerpt-
She said that she was happy that many Batswana were showing some interest in the art of quilting.
She then talked about her colleague’s pieces that were on display. One of the wall hangings was titled “Acheological Fragments”. 

She said that the piece is all about the artist’s imagination on what archaeologists will find when they dig in the land. She noted that the wall hanging  was created from a combination of fabrics and golden leaf.  The piece looks like an Ancient scroll with some unreadable words on it. Only three words have been stitched and can be read when someone is close to the piece.

Currently, wall hangings are available at the ongoing exhibition which  ends today (Sunday) while other products, such as bed quilts, cell phone pouches, pot holders, bags and stuffed animals are sold at their store.

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