March 15, 2012

Newspaper Sculpture

Newspaper Sculpture
I can't believe what got into me!

I have been mulling over sculptural shapes for  2 years now. I would love to be doing bronzes but they are quite expensive and storage is a problem and then there is the concern about how to get them to shows?  Obviously sculptors have answers to a whole world of concerns that fiber artists don't need to worry about. So anyway, I got something out of my head and into reality. It is just crumpled newspaper and masking tape. I should have taken process photos but I was in the flow. At one point it looked more female and she had a flurry of newspaper ruffles flaming from the back of her head. It was really pretty. I will definitely revisit this.


  1. you know, now you can papier mache over this and then paint it. great looking sculpture..

    1. thanks Jane! I wish I could make more, make them thin and store them flat . then inflate them when I wanted!