June 24, 2018

Fiber Art at the International Art Scene; Armory, Volta, NADA shows, NYC, 2018

Fiber, textiles, weaving, beading and sewing techniques  continue to be more prevalent at the big art shows every year. Here is what I saw in 2018. 

Certainly he didn't want the binding to be this way! Oh how I wish I could have helped him out.

this is essentially a rag rug construction

retroreflective material on top of denim and vintage quilts

laying threads in the paper making process to create image

a powerful steel rod pushes into the center of a wood post. It groans and splinters and cracks. Man against nature. 

the new wood posts to the left, the snapped ones on the right.

the highlight for me- Rauschenberg was a fiber artist!

soft sculpture decor, no attribution given

seed beads


Look at the dimensions, this is a box capturing a dress in a web of thread.

sorry no attribution.

free motion machine embroidery on a substrate and independent of one

at the Volta show things were a bit more strange

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